Our STAAACS team ran their first “Sharpen the Saw” Day event during Periods 3 and 4 on Oct 31st. We would like to thank all staff and students who participated to make this event a success! They set up multiple events for the students to participate in which included;

  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Mummy Wrap
  • Ice Skating
  • Escape Room
  • Two Halloween Movies
  • Snack Making
  • Scary-o-kee
  • Just Dance Room
  • Halloween Mask Making
  • Quiet/Reading Room
  • The “Ultimate” Pumpkin Race
  • Gaming Room
  • Best Costume
  • Scariest Costume
  • Funniest Costume

They also set up several mini games that had prizes to help support We Scare Hunger, such as;

  • Ghost Bowling
  • Shoot a Skull
  • Skull-in-Eye Mini Golf
  • Pop-a-Ghost
  • Punch a Pumpkin
  • Witch Ring Toss
  • Spider Race
  • Stack-n-Bolts

They also set up healthy Halloween snacks for everyone!


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