Curling and Basketball!

Curling Overview

The boys and girls curling teams did a fantastic job at representing Ashern Central at the Curling Zones that happened last Wednesday (Feb 14) and Thursday (Feb 15). The girls went undefeated in Riverton, bringing home the zone banner to our school! All of the boy’s games took place in Arborg where they made it to third place!


Girls Curling

The Girls Curling team from Ashern Central has played incredible this season and hopefully the streak will continue right into provincials on Thursday! Last year they placed third in provincials and since this will be two of the girls last season with Ashern Central, they are hoping to end their career by bringing home the provincial banner! The girl’s zones took place in Riverton where they went undefeated, winning finals with a score of 13-0 in just 4 ends!



Coach – Terri Otto

Skip – Tansy Tober

Third – Kira Tritthart

Second – Talyia Tober

Lead – Alyssa Tritthart


Ashern vs Lundar  – Score 11-1

Ashern vs Riverton – Score 9-1

Ashern vs Riverton #2 – Score 13-0


Check back for updates to see how the girls did at provincials! 


Boys Curling

Ashern Central had their first boys team in the last few years. They are a very young team, with their skip, Damon Tritthart, and third, Nikolaas Olson, both in grade 9! They practiced hard over the last few months and grew as a team. They placed third at zones, losing both games to Gimli, who won zones. Overall, they played extremely well and will be a force to reckon with in years to come!


Coach – Tracy Konzelman

Skip – Damon Tritthart

Third – Nikolaas Olson

Second – Colten Meisner

Lead – Sam Jones

Teacher Supervisor – Mr. Bobby Ellis


Ashern vs Lundar – Score 7 – 4

Ashern vs Gimli – Score 10 – 2

Ashern vs Arborg – Score 10 – 3

Ashern vs Stonewall – Score 10 – 4

Ashern vs Gimli – Score – 10 – 2

The Boys will be playing against the girls after their Provincials! Check back for updates!


Basketball Overview

The Boys Basketball team played Lundar last Thursday (Feb 14) and took home the win with a final score of 38-15! The boys have been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday and practices often go from 3:30 -7:00! They have been playing extremely well this season! There will be more basketball updates to follow soon!



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